A Barovian Primer from Hawk

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A Barovian Primer from Hawk

Postby Hawk0828 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:46 pm

Now that most of the initial kinks have been worked out of the Barovia expansion, I am going to start a primer here to help new folks understand how to navigate the Barovian campaign. This will be a WiP for a while, as it should) when finished) offer a fairly comprehensive overview to this expansion.

You must be level 70 to start the Barovian campaign. Visit the Lord Protector in PE to start the quest (unwanted guests, I think it is called)

The intro quest that you will get should be solo-able even by the rawest lvl 70 toon. Might take you a few deaths, but no worries really. It is designed to let you complete it yourself. When you finish the quest, you get a complete set of lvl 490 armor, complete with slotted r8 runestones. So if you are a new player, this can be a real step up for you! Even if you choose to go back after completing the barovian intro quest and finish other things (like sharandar or well of dragons, etc) you will be going back with far superior equipment to what those earlier expansions offer, and starter runestones that you can upgrade to increase your item level and overall survivability! You are also given 3 'artifacts' which can fill your extra artifact spaces for a small skills boost until you can get 'real' artifacts. If you already have artifacts, you can just throw away the ones given in the ravenloft quest completion pack. You can complete the intro quest on as many alts as you wish, the only difference is that after the first completion, the sets given out will have r6 runestones instead of r8's.

Once you get into Barovia, the campaign is fairly straightforward. Goto the village center and talk to Esmerelda to get the quests to advance through the campaign.

Starting with Ravenloft, Craptic changed the way people can get and refine raw astral diamonds by making it 100k/account/day. Personally, I like this as I am finding it easier to actually make 100k rad now than it was under the old systems. In particular, I find it easy with barovian hunts and barovian coins (campaign currency) to make 100k a day in salvage, without needing to do random dungeons (which I despise). Barovian coins, by the way, can also purchase nice neck and waist artifacts (2500 coins) that are superior to most of the artifacts you can get from earlier campaigns, or boxes of 'salvage armor' (250 coins each) which will be worth 2750-6000 RAD when salvaged.

HUNTS: Barovian Hunts are very fun, quick mini adventures you can do with up to 5 party members. You need to complete the initial quest, and Esmerelda's hunt quest, in order to do hunts. You are given a direfang poster to do your first hunt (quest hunt) and can either do it solo, or ask in alliance chat for help to do it. After you do that first quest hunt, you may freely join other hunts, which are advertised from time to time in guild or alliance chat. Hunts consist of 1 'hunt target' with a 'star rating' of 1-3. 1 star hunts are easiest, and could be solod by most folks, whereas 3 stars are soloable only by well equipped folks. Really tho, hunts are most fun and profitable in groups, 5 max is always best. Having more people in a hunt does not in any way disadvantage the person who is leader (the one who used their poster to start the hunt) or any of the group in any way. So it's always to everyone's advantage to have a full party even for 1 star hunts.

Every hunt begins with the party leader selecting a hunt to do from their available collection of posters. You get posters from lots of places, including as drops from hunts, drops from barovian she's and HE, occasional random drops just from killing things in Barovia, and as drops from the Castle Ravenloft dungeon. My point here is, posters are easy to get, don't fret over 'spending' them, and don't feel like you need to buy them either to contribute to hunts. The leader selects what the loot drop policy is for each hunt. If you are putting up the poster, it's your right to decide how that poster loot is apportioned. Be aware, not every hunt will drop loot that's listed on the poster. If you are in a hunt, and the leader says 'no drop' at the end, it means that there was - surprise! - no drop on finishing the hunt. Otherwise, most times a leader will either have claimed the drop for themselves up front, or will ask when the drop occurs if anyone needs it (post in chat the item that dropped and they'll say "anyone need this?") Most leaders in alliance hunts will set the loot policy to 'leader decides' to give everyone a chance to say 'hey, I would like that', or 'pass' if it's something that's no immediate use. After a few hunts, most people will not 'need' anything much, and will just be making salvage out of these drops (which is fine, really!)
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Re: A Barovian Primer from Hawk

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